Sharpen is an integrator, but in an unconventional way. A small core team concentrates on the essentials and sources expert-matter knowledge from a vast network of external collaborators. That pragmatism is reflected in our daily work. We do not lose our time in long meetings or elaborate specs. We use our time to produce in small steps - milestones with deliverables. All that with a constant focus on our biggest asset: quality.

Because we only work with the best people, we are able to build internet applications that make sense because they are found by the people you want to reach, offer visitors what they expect and more, convince them to explore your other channels, and help them to develop a relation with your offer.

We are proud to be able to list some big customers, such as Opel Benelux, Corvette Europe and Frisomat.

contact Sharpen
Martin van Berkel
59 rue de Flandre
1000 Brussels
mobile +32 479 52.00.90
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